Sigma Beauty SigMagic Scrub

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Achieve a quick and total clean with the 2-in-1 power of this solid brushcleanser and silicone texture. Outperforming instant brush sprays thatonly remove surface-level makeup residue and bacteria, the all-naturalcleanser dissolves tough pigment and foundation stains while thesilicone texture penetrates brush bristles to scrub it all away.


Clean your extra-dirty brushes with this natural cleanser! Sigma's 2-in-1 solid cleanser + gadget means better skin and makeup application fast. Even the toughest of foundation and pigment stains are easily scrubbed away - just add water to this Sigma Spa gadget plus brush cleanser. Featuring firm-hold suction cups, you're free to wash brushes hands-free using a swirling motion, and the vented lid allows product to dry and stay germ-free. Using 100% natural virgin coconut and ethically sourced palm oil, product build up, oil and bacteria wash away to get your brushes back to beauty without harmful chemicals. This antimicrobial formula prevents growth of bacteria for up to 2 weeks after use.


• The first of its kind: A solid cleanser and Sigma Spa® silicone
texture combined.
• Tough on hard-to-clean stains
• White plastic container is recyclable
• Oil-based cleanser; store in a cool, dry area
• Ventilated cover so moisture can escape, prolonging life
of cleanser
• Suction cups to sink and counter, or fits in hand
• Great for makeup artist PRO kits for cleaning directly after use
• Perfect for brush care beginner
• All-natural, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
• Do not remove texture from base
• For best results, use only with brushes (no sponges)

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