Jeva Liposoluble Wax White Chocolate (800ml)

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Jeva Liposoluble wax White Chocolate is designed with care for normal and dry skin. The wax along with White Chocolate has Theobroma Cacao specifically chosen from South America for its many known therapeutic properties, including moisturizing and nourishing the skin. White Chocolate, a great source of natural antioxidants is the ultimate secret ingredient for giving you glowing skin.

  • The natural flavoured wax is exceptionally gentle to normal and dry skin.
  • Gentle scent for incomparable sensorial event.
  • Enriched with Vegetable oils leaves your skin moisturized.
  • Colophony-free, won't irritate skin and effectively removes sun tan.
  • Excellent for short and coarse hairs.
  • Easy to spread evenly over a wider surface area of the skin.
  • Made with White Chocolate, it is less painful and doesn't result in rashes and redness.


How To Use

Step 1: 1) Open Can Cover.

Step 2: Put the Wax in the Heater, warming upto a temprature of 40 degree C.

Step 3: Use a spatula to apply a thin layer of wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth.

Step 4: Press the depilation strip into the wax of the treated area.

Step 5: Remove the strip with a sharp pull against the direction of hair growth.

Step 6: Use the wax lotion to moisten and clear off wax residues. Storage conditions: in a dry place with room temprature.


Additional Information: With an aim to change the way the world views depilatory waxes, Jeva, launched the ""Fruit Wax"" line, a new wax with natural cosmetic formula. Jeva wax is formulated using natural ingredients, including specific essential oils, nourishing vegetable oils, beeswax, titanium dioxide and other natural ingredients, each carefully chosen that gently nourishes the skin keeping it silky-smooth and hair-free.

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