Gartig Brazing Blow Torch 2 pcs, For Use on Camping,Welding Alloy,Jewellery,Cooking DIY

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  • Adjustable temperature, anti-flare flame // Torch Flange Locks the Torch Gas Canister even when dropped or knocked over.Flame and temperature can be adjusted, the temperature can be as high as 1300 Deg.C. // 360 degrees around the direction, rapid and efficient to heat.
  • With Safety Locking Switch Windproof Catalytic Heating Element. Brazing Blow Torch. Can Used For Flamby Dishes, Burning Oil
  • Pinpoint flame is perfect for soldering, brazing, desoldering, heat shrinking and terminating
  • Wind proof, moisture proof and waterproof, better than electric welding.Always Point Nozzle of Torch at any angle Downwards when turned On, Otherwise flame will flame up if pointed upwards..
  • The Brazing Torch has a screw type connector, with focused high fire power over 1800°C. Works best for BBQ, welding, pipe work, and other high flame power activities.

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